We bring paintball to you…

Welcome to Mobile Paintball Games,Christchurch, New Zealand, bringing paintball to your doorstep! You say when and where, and we meet you there with everything you need! At just $35/person, our Standard package includes a paintball gun, protective mask, overalls, and 200 paintball rounds. Upgrade packages are available. Ideal for Work Functions, Birthday Parties, Team Building, Corporate Bookings, Camps, Stag Dos, Youth Outings, and even Children’s Parties (reduced velocity for safety). To book your next paintball outing, or to find out more, just click on BOOK NOW or contact Steve on 0273583877.


We bring paintball to you…
Mobile Paintball Games, New Zealand. We come to you!

Did you know Mobile Paintball Games can come to your chosen field of play to provide you and your friends an exclusive paintball experience? We can turn your yard or forest into your very own exclusive paintball playground.  For Hinterland Adventures, just name a suitable venue with plenty of cover, and we’ll meet you there.

We like to have fun, lots of fun, but we at Mobile Paintball Games also take player safety very seriously. Whatever their level of paintball experience, we’ll be sure to outline the safety rules, and make sure all players understand these. Pre-match briefing will include how to operate the paintball marker (gun), and proper on-field behaviour to ensure everyone has the maximum amount of fun and excitement whilst staying safe.

You’ll find our staff friendly and there to help. Before each group plays, you’ll have the opportunity to check out the arena and plan your strategy. For those who choose to take the adventure, paintball is one of the most fun and worthwhile team building activities they ever experience. Those looking for paintball Christchurch fun, or even those more remote, Mobile Paintball is suitable for people from all walks of life. Whether you’re a Corporate Work Group, a Tiddly Winks Club, or simply a Family Seeking Adventure, we believe Mobile Paintball will deliver you something quite unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.  BOOK NOW.


History of PaintBall

Paintball is a game created in the 1980s in which players gain points over adversaries by hitting them with color filled, weak, oil and gelatin paintballs or pellets, typically shot from a carbon dioxide or compacted air (Nitrogen) fueled “paintball marker”.  Paintball is usually played in a competition format. Paintball strategy is employed by experienced …