Game rules

If a paintball hits you, your gun or anything you are carrying, it’s counted as a “HIT”. Yell out “HIT” as loud as you can, hold your hand in the air and go back to the re-spawn point, yelling out “hit” as you go. Touch your re-spawn point and re-enter the game.

  • Do not blank fire your marker.
  • Do not blind fire your marker.
  • Do not lie down on the ground (this can block the marker barrel). Lying down = removal from the game zone for that round of play.
  • Do not wipe paint off you once you have been hit.
  • Use Mobile Paintball Games field paint only.

Instant Removal / Disqualification Guidelines

  • Arguing or threatening staff or referees.
  • Being offensive or threatening to other players.
  • Using physical contact towards another player.
  • Attempted use of any other weapons.
  • Use of illegal drugs or alcohol.
  • Breaking of safety rules.

Safety Rules

  • Keep your mask on at all times during games and while in the play area.
  • Never fire your gun where there are non-masked spectators around.
  • No paintball markers within the safe house.
  • Do no overshoot players (3 shots max).
  • Do not shoot players closer than 5 metres.
  • Do not climb over the obstacles, go around them.
  • No shooting of wildlife.
  • No shooting the referee or camera man.

Surrender Rule:

If you are closer than 5 metres from an opposing player, surrender must be offered. The surrendering player must place their free hand in the air and yell “SURRENDER”, then the standard “HIT” rules apply. If they choose not to surrender, they are a valid target.