Mobile Paintball Elite

From: $39.00

If you are looking for the ultimate paintball gaming experience then the Mobile Paintball Elite package is for you. This includes a Military-Style Machinegun paintball marker, gas tank, protective mask, overalls, and 300 paintballs for $39/person. Upgrade depends on Military (Machinegun Style) Marker availability on the day. Check with staff.

Maximum Elite Upgrade booking capacity = 8 people.
We will bring the paintball gaming to your doorstep.

2 reviews for Mobile Paintball Elite

  1. Greg Walsh

    I recommend the mobile paintball game highly to everyone in New Zealand. As the game is highly tactical and builds a strong team work. I used it for my office workers and they not only had fun but did better at work the next day.

    • Steve Ayers

      Greg, you’ve touched on our guiding mantra! Paintball does build teamwork and supports a team culture like no other (comradery for survival!). So pleased you enjoyed the experience.

  2. Clark Gabel

    It was so much fun, we booked the Basic plan first but then it turned out to be a friendly paintball warzone with loads of strategies and laughter. Never knew it would this great, therefore booked the Paintball Elite and had more fun.

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