What is Paintball?

Paintball is one of the fastest growing games on the planet. Players will be split into even teams who work together to achieve assigned goals, or to eliminate the opposition completely! Each player has a marker stacked with paint filled gel containers (paintballs) that are fired at opposing players to “take them out” and score points. On the off chance you get hit with a paintball, you are out of that game round. You can relax and plan your strategy for the next game.

Can we have a private paintball game?

Yes! This is the whole point of Mobile Paintball Games! We encourage you to make a private booking at a suitable destination (plenty of cover!) chosen by you. Simply reserve a spot by calling Steve at 027 3583877.

Is it safe?

Paintball is safe. At Mobile Paintball Games, New Zealand, we are very player-safety focused. Each player is advised of the safety rules when they arrive. Furthermore, staff are there to guarantee that all safety guidelines are followed. While you play, you might be navigating forested areas, bouncing over snags, climbing stairs, or simply running for cover! Any of these exercises have their perils, yet we are constantly here to help you as the day progresses! We require approved goggles to be worn at all times, unless in safety zones. We also require that barrel sacks (covers that keep paintballs from leaving your marker’s barrel) be utilized while players are within designated safety zones.

Doesn’t it hurt when you get hit?

Paintballs can be likened to a sting, like having an elastic band snapped against your arm. On the off chance that you become anxious about paintballs striking you, we suggest wearing extra layers of clothing. Sweatshirts make awesome cushioning!

Is there a base age necessity?

Paintball can be played by anybody from the age of 12 years and up. In the event that you are younger than 12, you can look at Low Impact Paintball which is a kind of paintball intended for children aged 9 – 12. Players under 18 years of age must have a parent or watchman sign the waiver form.

What time would it be advisable for me to anticipate getting to the field?

Get to the field 10 minutes before your game is scheduled to begin, so we can brief you in gameplay an safety. You can play for 30 minutes or for the entire day. However, ensure it’s within our hours which are 9am-6pm.

Do we play with experienced players?

No. By and large, amateur players play only with other new players, and vice versa. Experienced players by and large play at their preferred level, against similarly experienced players.


Do you do weekday games?

Yes, simply reserve a spot by calling Steve at 027 3583877.

What to wear while playing Paintball?

A few players prefer a more “Stylish” setup, preferring 007 Paintball (The name is Bond). Others wear camouflage and other attire to blend in. Whatever your style, we suggest wearing something you wouldn’t fret getting messy. Most players agree to pants and a long sleeve shirt at a minimum. For beginners, you might need to include an extra layer until you feel comfortable. One final thing, a couple of shoes that fit well will make your paintball experience that much more pleasant.

Will I get the paint out of my garments?

Paint dissolves in water, and ought to wash out of garments without an issue. Nevertheless, we do recommend that your game attire is clothing you wouldn’t fret getting messy.

What safety gear do I require?

We give all the fundamental safety hardware expected to play. We provide overalls and a safety mask. Players are welcome to bring along their own add-ons such as knee pads, gloves, caps or other extra layers. Shoes with great support are something we encourage due to the uneven territory and potentially rugged forested areas.

Need to Know much more about Paintball?

Paintball is a quick paced group activity where players work together to outscore opposition players, or to make it to target destinations. Players wear protective gear and carry paintball markers throughout the game. The paintballs themselves are gelatin balls loaded with a water soluble paint blend. . Read about the history of Paintball